The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Unknown Soldier
The unknown Canadian soldier was laid to rest on the upper plaza of the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

His tomb, designed and made by the renowned Canadian artist Mary-Ann Liu, consists of a three-tiered granite sarcophagus with a bronze relief sculpture as a lid.

Location: upper plaza of the National War Memorial in Ottawa

Size: three-tiered, 3.6 metres long by 2.4 metres wide
Material: Dark Caledonia granite, quarried in Rieviére à Pierre, Quebec
Design: patterned after the stone altars of the Vimy Memorial with the relief work in bronze. The dark granite complements the paler-coloured stone used in the National War Memorial

Bronze Relief Sculpture
Casting: cast in Roberts Creek, B.C.
Design: includes key elements of the stone carving on the Vimy altar; a medieval sword, a First World War-style helmet and branches of maple and laurel leaves (symbolizing victory and death)

Bronze Corner Pieces
Design: three of the corners have large replicas of the Canadian Memorial Cross. First instituted in 1919, the Cross is presented to the family of those who gave their lives while serving Canada in war or peacekeeping missions. Each cross is slightly different, having a different Royal Cipher of the successive monarchs since its inception. The fourth corner has a replica of a poppy representing those who may fall in future conflicts.

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