Branch Executive

Branch Executive Officers

President                                                    (613-838-4269)       Brian Goss

Immediate Past President                        (613-838-3244)       Jane Louks

First Vice President                                  (613-838-2548)       John Villeneuve    

Secretary                                                    (613-838-6078)       Elizabeth Douville

Treasurer                                                                                       Pat McGrath

Sgt-at-Arms                                                                                  Vacant 

Branch Executive Committee

Eric Booth

Joanne Heinbuch

Jack Lemyre

Mavis Lewis

Tom Louks

Louis Seward

Branch Committee Chairs

Bar                                                         (613-838-3244)        Tom Louks

Branch Regulations                                                                 Jack Lemyre        

Bursary                                                                                     Jane Louks

Bulletin                                                                                      Wendy Ryan

Catering                                                                                   Jane Louks

Cenotaph                                                                                Jane & Tom Louks

Chaplain                                                 (613-838-3942)     Dcn. Louis Seward

Hall Rentals                                                                            Shirley Morris & Jane Louks

Honours & Awards                                                                Jane Louks

Long Term Planning                                                              Eric Booth

Membership                                              (613-838-5055)      Boyd Dulmage

Poppy                                                                                     Jane Louks

Property                                                                                 Johnny Villeneuve

Public Relations                                                                    Brian Goss

Service Officer                                       (613-838-3948)    Jack Lemyre

Sick & Visiting                                                                       Louis Seward & Shirley Morris

Sports                                                                                     Mavis Lewis     

Training & Development                                                       Vacant

Ways & Means  and Catering                                              Jane Louks

Website                                                                                  Wendy Ryan

Youth                                                     (613-838-6078)       Elizabeth Douville



Meetings Monthly:
Executive: Third Thursday of each month 11 am
General: fourth Friday of September November January and March at 11 am and the third Thursday of May at 8 pm

Zone G5 Ottawa & Area

Ontario District G

Ontario District G Policy & Procedures Manual


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