Ladies' Auxilliary

The Richmond LA disbanded as of December 2018

With the opening of the Richmond Legion Hall, the importance of a Ladies’ Auxiliary was recognized. On 1 April 1981, at a special ceremony held in the new Hall, members were inducted into the newly formed Ladies’ Auxiliary, Branch 625. Among the Legion dignitaries attending were District Commander, Rolly Ashman; President of the Ontario Command of the Ladies'’Auxiliary, Teresa Archtenberg and Zone Commander for the Ladies' Auxiliary, Marg Featherstone. President Frank Jefferies congratulated Pat Loverock on her efforts to get the Auxiliary started and called the event a “memorable day in our Branch’s history”.

Members of the first Executive Committee were: President, Pat Loverock; 1st Vice President, Barbara Bennett; 2nd Vice President, Mavis Lewis; Secretary, Hilda Moore; Treasurer, Heather Murphy; and Sergeant-at-Arms, Shirley Beardsell.

Other Charter members were: Donna McRae, Joyce Lavoie, Carol Mains, Elsie Jamieson, Dorothy Marshall, Susan Bennett, Lisa Loverock, Bea McRae, Mabel Mann, Rosemary Satnik, Ina Bannon, Evelyn Pickett, Heather Bennett, and Marlene Dawson.

Ladies Auxiliaries are important components of small Branches especially. Through their efforts, labours, and fund raising, they contribute to the success and well being of the Branch. The Richmond Ladies Auxiliary continues to play a vital role in the Branch’s activities.

The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies' Auxiliary is comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and widows of Legion members. In some Commands, membership is also open to women in the community.

Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a member of the ladies Auxiliary only, or a member of both. Members of the Ladies' Auxiliary support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enrich the programs and activities of the branch.

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